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Our Themes

Our most popular trivia show. With a wide range of topics including movies, TV, sport, general knowledge, pop culture, and music, plus a whole bunch of funky games, this one’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, no matter the crowd.

If double denim sounds like your idea of fashion and you’re wondering when the combination of dry ice and mullets left the music scene, Our 80s show is never going to let you down. Our 80s themed show covers the Movies, music, sport and pop culture of the 80s. Get the hair spray and colours out, we’re going back in time!

Flannel shirts, dirty hair and the battle between the backstreet boys and NSYNC. Goatees aren’t for everyone but our 90s themed show might be for you. This one follows the layout of the Classic Show but this time we’ll take you back to the days when MTV still played music and The Fresh Prince ruled!

Taking you back to the days when dropping your Nokia 3310 would cause earthquakes and Juicy Couture tracksuits were a must have fashion Item. Get ready to roll around in your Heelys and tell your friends all about it on MySpace –We’re rewinding back to the 2000s!

Got your own killer trivia in mind? Maybe your company or co-workers would make for a good trivia topic. We can put your questions into our show. Give us your pitch and we’ll give it some legs!

Trivia for the geeks! We keep the classic Funky Bunch humour, but more Star Trek than The Bachelor, more chess than football, more maths and science than the Kardashians. A great trivia night is guaranteed, but we won’t be responsible for any stolen lunch money or atomic wedgies...

Do you carry your team at pub trivia nights? Do TV quiz shows seem like easy money? We well put you to the test in out Trivia Buff themed show. We’ll keep the classic Funky Bunch gags rolling, but this is not for the feint hearted; we’ve turned the difficulty up to 11!

We’ve taken our funky classic show but hand tailored everything to be centered around music. Perfect for music lovers of all ages we’ve got a great mix of old and new. Our funky music themed show is whole bunch of good times and great classic hits.

Getting around to the holiday time of year? Maybe it’s July and that end of year Christmas party doesn’t seem to be coming soon enough. Our Christmas themed show follows the flow of our Funky Classic show, but adds just the right amount of Christmas seasoning into the mix.

What’s a LOL? Since when did The Eagles become ‘classic’ rock? If back in your day Ice T was a drink and an Eminem was a chocolate, this might be the right theme for you. We keep the format and good vibes of the Funky Classic show, but shift the focus to the 60s, 70s and 80s so you can show off your knowledge of the golden oldies.

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