David P

From the exotic European island of….Ireland we have the enigmatic, exotic, slightly rotund IRISH DAVE. I know you’re thinking; wow an Irish guy in Australia!! Wild! Well here’s your chance to meet one in the flesh….FOR REAL! A newbie to the Trivia host nights who is bound to impress with quick wit, slow wit and everything in between. Pop culture nerd, music fanatic and sports ball enthusiast there’s not much general useless information Dave does not know.

1) what if I can’t understand his adorable drunken Irish lilt?!?!

NEVER FEAR with a degree in Acting Performance and Musical Theatre my accent is akin to the beautifully spoken Liam Neeson/ Dylan Moran with perfect diction and not that of the inane mumblings of that rap scallion Conor McGregor.

2) does he have a pot of gold ?

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