We’re not just good at trivia.
We can provide a range of entertainment options to funk up your next event!

  • Bingo

    Who said bingo was only for the oldies? It wasn’t us. We can provide a fun and dynamic night of bingo that is sure to leave you wondering why it’s not an olympic sport! Whether you’re a pub looking for something a bit different, or you just want to funk up your next event, Our bingo options won’t disappoint.

  • Rock Star Trivia

    Visit rockstartrivia.com.au

    Imagine what you’d get if Sale of the Century had a baby with Coachella… Randy Bordello and his band Thin Quizzy have teamed up with MC Question Mark to create the greatest quiz show the world has ever seen. With a chance to be the lead singer in a rock band, Rockstar Live Music Trivia is sure to get your motor running.

  • MCs

    If you’ve got something planned but noone to take the mic, Why not tap into our 10+ years of experience to help take the hard work out of organising your next event. We have a range of entertaining and highly professional Emcees that will take your event from go to woah.

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